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Company Profile
Nick Berman Properties is unique to the property industry as they combine the South African market with European effectiveness. Our blend of knowledge, efficiency and negotiation skills offers diversity that separates us from other local realtors and it allows us to tackle the property sector head on using a distinctive approach which produces superior results, thus achieving ultimate success.

By incorporating our resources with our exclusive marketing techniques, Nick Berman Properties penetrates the correct target market. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by achieving the best offers in the shortest time period. This is confirmed in our top performance figures for SALES and RENTALS in the Sandton area.


Property Management
Managing your own property can be a full time job. NICK BERMAN PROPERTIES, has extensive experience when it comes to managing properties. Property is the most important investment that anyone will make in their lifetime. That’s why we take all the necessary steps to ensure that your property is well looked after and maintained.

Some property management services that we offer on behalf of the landlord include:
Agent on call for emergencies.
Collecting rent
Paying levies
Paying electricity
Member of Tenant Profile Network
NBP management will assist tenants with any problems or queries. e.g. If the tenant experiences plumbing / electrical / or other problems, NPB will handle the issue efficiently.

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Bond Calculator
Wanna do a quick check to see what your monthly repayments would be on a home loan? Use this simple bond calculator to figure it out…

The calculator will give you approximate repayments for your loan. Please note that there are additional variable costs, (dictated by your banking institution) such as insurance etc, which we have not taken into account.

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Legal Advice

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